“Google Business Photos allows you to stand out on search engine results pages, enhance your Google+ Local listing, and view images of your business location on Google Maps. More importantly, the new feature gives you a great opportunity to connect with customers and show – not just tell – what it’s really like inside your restaurant, café, bookstore, retail shop, gym, salon, daycare center, or whatever your business is. Now you can give people a better sense of what the atmosphere inside is like, or show off your cool new interior design elements and artworks, or give a glimpse of what’s on offer in your display racks.” ~Review Trackers

 “[Customers] have actually said that since they took the virtual tour on Google, that, that made the difference between them coming here and going to another one of the other restaurants.”   ~Sylvia Ahmadnia – Owner, Greek Island Café

“If you have panoramic photographs and the other stores around you have static photographs, you stand out.”   ~ Andy and Rose – Owners, A+R Store

“We’ve seen a clear 20-25% jump in direct impressions as a result from local searches”   ~Justin Bonatto – Marketing, Just Food for Dogs

 “Over the past year or so a new medium for reaching clients has fallen into my marketing hands – Google Business Photos. If you aren’t familiar, I assure you that it deserves a look for any type of business that has an interior worth showing off. Google Business Photos is basically Google Street View for business interiors. In addition to the Street View style virtual tour, a set of high-resolution photographs highlighting the business are also included with the service. Visually it is much sharper than Street View, as the images are much higher quality and the virtual tours created for business locations show greater detail. It also connects the interior Virtual Tour to the nearest Street View point on the map. It is worth every penny”   ~ Dewayne Parker – Automotive Marketing Manager


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